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My Story  &  ​My Mission

As a young child I was known as the fat kid on the block and would often be teased about my weight. Unfortunately, back then my parents nor I knew that I had an under-active thyroid which was in some way contributing to my weight issues. Being a fat child in the 70’s was not fun. Back then, obesity was not a problem as it is today. When I was twelve I had enough of being fat so I decided to take control of my health and to lose weight. I was pretty determined, nothing could stop me. I was on a mission. The first step I took was to cut out all the sugar from my diet especially those Joe Louis my mom would buy for us and those bottles of pop and sugary fruit juices. I ate 3 meals a day and would snack on mostly fruit. Over the course of a year I lost 40 pounds. It may not seem like a lot but on a 4’ 10” 12 year old frame it was quite a bit. I managed to keep the weight off the rest of my life by simply eating healthy and staying active. Even after having 2 kids & an ongoing under-active thyroid issue I did not put any weight back on. What I learned from this experience is that you are ultimately in control of your own health & well-being, not your parents, not the media or close friends but you.

This story is the main reason I went back to school to pursue my life-long passion in nutrition after spending 20 odd years in the accounting/human resources field. In 2015 I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural nutrition and obtained my Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) designation. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed helping people like you take control of their health and achieve their desired health goals.  I also have extensive knowledge of natural supplements which I acquired working as a Brand Ambassador for a well known Canadian supplement company.

The world of nutrition can be very overwhelming these days but I’m here to make it simple and realistic for you, allowing you to achieve your lifelong health goals. Whether you're just looking to lose some weight or manage other health issues such as type 2 diabetes, I can help.  

I sincerely look forward to helping you become a healthier version of you!

My Mission

Using the power of natural whole foods to help you achieve your personal health goals so you can transform your life.  I promise to be with you every step of the way. 

© 2020 Annette Fenton Nutrition

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