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" I asked Annette for her services after being recommended by a family member.

Annette took full details of my medical history, my eating pattern, and my reason for needing her service.

I felt I could be open and honest with how I was eating and found Annette very non judgmental.

After a few days Annette had given me a full breakdown of recommendations and advice on alternative therapies and food choices to help.

I cannot recommend Annette’s services, highly enough. I now have new lifestyle changes and supplements that help my way of life.

In 4 months I am now 17 lbs. down and will slowly introduce further recommendations which will enhance my wellbeing and weight loss.

I feel fantastic. "

Tracey, Wakefield, U.K.

"Knowing I was struggling with dietary issues, I contacted Annette because she is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  Now I'm more than happy to spread that recommendation.  Annette showed me a better path, tailored to my needs.  She shared current research on prediabetes and it's link to aging and heredity so that I had a clear perspective on my situation.  Best, of all she outlined and illustrated a far more sensible and livable way to manage my diet.  Annette is very knowledgeable and supportive of her clients who are struggling to control their weight.  Annette is very professional and easy to chat to.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart .  I'm now on the right path to a better new year and a new me."

Dean, Bradford, UK

"Annette is extremely patient, thorough and so easy to approach.  I am learning a lot through my experience with her and highly recommend her services."  

Charan, Cambridge, ON, Canada

"Annette is a wonderful lady and has helped me a lot in every which way she can.  So if you really want help, she is the lady to call."

Rosemary, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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